Aipvt 2014 Result is out.

All india pre veterinary test 2014 result is out and available on Internet.
With your roll no. you can easily get your result.
Result was about to be announced on 26 may 2014 but it was announced 2-3 days late.

check result here.

This year lesser students appeared in aipvt as compared to previous year, this may be the influence of no online support by vci.
Vci conduct aipvt test every year in April to select candidates for BVSC. This exam was not under neet.

Exam was held on 2014, 10 may. Its result was announced as 28th of may.
Provide your views about aipvt results.

How a student get AIPVT application form ? – Richa Thakur.

Today i was going through approving comments of all india pre veterinary test website and suddenly i found a comment first time that a girl have difficulty in filling the form.
This means application form is available
Here is reply of rosy when i asked her how did she got the application form.
Rosy Thakur – ”Sir, i gone through the info given in the site and as per info i went to a branch of vijaya bank in shimla. And i got the form there without any demand draft. Thats it.”



The All India Pre-Veterinary Test shall be of 3 hours duration and will have one paper consisting of 200 objective type (multiple choice and reason-assertion type) questions from Physics, Chemistry and
Biology. The details of distribution of questions are as follows:
Subjects No. of Questions
Physics 60
Chemistry 60
Biology (Botany and Zoology) 80
Total 200


The general standard of the All India Pre-Veterinary Test will be that of XIth and XIIth class
aoq43b.jpgunder the 10+2 Scheme/Pre-Medical/Intermediate Science or an equivalent examination of an
Indian University/State Board/CBSE. No separate syllabus for the examination is
prescribed by the Council.


Language of Question Paper shall be in English Only.


The Admit Card shall be sent to the candidate by post between 11th to 18th April, 2014. Admit Card shall also be up loaded on the website of the Council during the period from 20th April 2014 to 06th May, 2014 for viewing and downloading purpose. No duplicate aipvt admit card issueAdmit Card shall be issued. Any candidates not receiving the Admit Card from the Council office by post, may download his/her Admit Card and produce the print out at the Examination Centre for appearing of the examination. However, candidates reporting at the specified examination centre with download Admit Card shall require to produce identity proof for being allowed to take the Examination.
No candidate shall be admitted to the examination all unless he/she holds an Admit Card
issued by the Council. No Admit Card shall be issued to the candidates whose Applications are found to be incomplete for any reasons (including indistinct/doubtful photographs/unsigned Applications)                    or who do not fulfill the eligibility criteria for the examination. Issue of Admit Cards, however, shall not necessarily mean acceptance of eligibility which shall be further scrutinized at subsequent stages of selection.
Note: (i) Candidates must not mutilate the Admit Card or Change any entry made therein.
(ii) Candidates are advised to keep their Admit Cards in good condition till admission in
Veterinary College is over.


How the  receipt  of application form submission will be issued.
Acknowledgement of Application Form may be seen on the website during
the period from 5th to 12th April, 2014. The candidate who has applied for All India Pre-
Veterinary Test-2014 but his/her application has not been acknowledged on the website of the Council, he/she may inform to the Controller of Examination in writing with complete proof/copy of application form, postal receipt etc.) immediately for processing his/her aipvt application form for consideration of issue of Admit Card. Acknowledgement or receipt of Application Form, however, shall not be indicative of completeness of Application Form or eligibility for appearing at the Entrance Examination. No acknowledgement shall be given by hand.





i) Candidates should bring dark blue or black ball pen to the examination hall for writing/marking responses on Answer Sheet. Use of pencil is not allowed.
ii) The candidate should report at the examination centre one hour before the commencement of examination (i.e. at 1.00 P.M).
iii) No candidate shall be allowed to enter the examination hall without a valid Admit Card issued by the office.
iv) No candidate shall be allowed to enter the examination centre after the commencement of examination (i.e. after 2.00 P.M.).
v) No candidate shall be allowed to carry any textual material/printed or written, pieces of papers or any other materials except the Admit Card inside the examination hall. If a candidate is found to be copying/conversing with other candidate/to have in his/her possession papers, notes or books he/she shall be disqualified from taking that examination and the next one or two such examinations according to the nature of offence.
AIPVT EXAMINATION HALLvi) Candidates should not bring mobile phone, calculator, camera, electronic digital watches with facilities of calculators, other electronic gadgets etc. to the examination hall. These are strictly prohibited in the hall.
vii) Candidates must not obtain or give or attempt to obtain or to give irregular assistance of any kind during the examination, this will entail expulsion and cancellation of candidature for the examination.
viii) Candidates are required to write his / her Roll No., full name in running handwriting & Question Booklet No. on the spaces provided on the Answer Sheet & Answer Sheet (OMR) No. on the Question Booklet.
ix) DO NOT make any stray mark on the Answer Sheet & Question Booklet, or damage the
Answer Sheet. This may lead to rejection of Answer Sheet. Overwriting/ cutting/ erasing
and application of fluid on Answer Sheet may also lead to rejection.
x) Candidates are required to sign Answer Sheet and the Attendance Sheet at the Examination Centre provided by the Invigilator who shall verify the identity of the candidates.
xi) In case of any doubt, the Centre Superintendent or Supervisors may also verify the identity & in such case the candidate is required to cooperate.
xii) Impersonation should be strictly avoided. Such cases shall be dealt with strictly & the law of land shall be applicable in such cases.
xiii) No candidate shall be allowed to leave the examination hall before the end of examination.
xiv) Candidates shall be allowed to leave examination hall only after handing over Question Booklet and Answer Sheet to the Invigilator.
xv) The examination will start exactly at the time mentioned in the Admit Card and an
announcement to this effect will be made by the Invigilator.
xvi) The candidates are also required to put their thumb impression in the space provided in the Attendance Sheet.


(i) Use dark blue/black pen/ ball pen only for filling up the Form.
(ii) Darken the ovals/circles & also write in the corresponding boxes wherever necessary.
(iii) Correct method of filling of Application Form (sample) may be seen at Annexure-A.
(iii) Examination City Code: (Item No. 1 of Application Form)
Write the Examination City Code in the boxes as provided in the Application Form as First and
Second choice where the candidate wishes to appear at the examination. Also, darken the
corresponding circles in the Form.
(iv) Date of Birth:- (Item No.2 of Application Form)
Fill your date of birth as recorded in Secondary School Examination Board Certificate or
equivalent examination in the boxes. Also, darken the corresponding circles in the Form. For example, if your date of birth is 1st June, 1986, it is to be written as under:-
    0 1        0 6        8 6
Date  Month  Year
method of filling application form(v) Domicile State Code:- (Item No. 3 of Application Form)
Write the code of State to which the applicant belongs in the boxes as provided in Application Form. Also, darken the corresponding circles in the Form.
(vi) Details of Qualifying Examination:-(Item No. 4 of Application Form)
If you have already passed the 10+2 or any equivalent examination, write code “0” and darken the corresponding circle. Also, write year of passing in the specified boxes. Write the aggregate of maximum marks in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English in
10+2 or any equivalent examination in the boxes for maximum marks and write the aggregate marks secured by you in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English in the said examination in the boxes. The percentage of aggregate marks secured by you upto two decimal in the aforesaid subjects should be written in the relevant boxes.
If you have not yet passed such an examination, but are appearing/ have already appeared
and are waiting for result, then write code “2” in the appropriate box, darken the appropriate circle and leave the other boxes under this item as blank.
(viii) Name of Applicant:- (Item No. 5 of Application Form)
Write your full Name in BLOCK LETTERS as given in the records of Secondary Education
Board/ University. If the boxes provided are insufficient, abbreviate you middle name and write your First and Surname in full e.g. as applicant Nikhil Narayan Thamankar should write name
as shown below:-
N I K H I L    N   T H A M A N K A R
Start writing from the first box itself. Do not write Mr./Miss etc. Leave one box blank between two parts of the name (i.e. in between First, Middle, & Surname).
(ix) Name of Father :- (Item No. 6 of Application Form) The method described above for filling the name should be followed.
(x) Name of Mother :- (Item No. 7 of Application Form) The method described above for filling the name should be followed.
(xi) Photograph:- (Item No. 8 of Application Form)
Affix firmly one recent good contrast passport size Black and White Photograph in the space provided for this purpose in the Form. The photo should be pasted and Not pinned or stapled. Application without photograph shall be rejected.
The Photograph for pasting on the Form should bear a placard indicating name of the
candidate & date of photograph. This photograph NEED NOT be attested.
Note :-
(a) Polaroid photos shall not be accepted.
(b) Photograph must be snapped on or after 3rd January, 2011.
(c) Photo must be snapped with a placard indicating name of candidate and date of taking
Photograph. In case name and date are written on the photograph after taking it, the
application shall be rejected. Specimen of photograph to be pasted on the Application Form is as under :-
(d) The name and date on photograph must be clear and legible.
(e) Photograph should not be taken with cap/hat or goggles. Spectacles are allowed if
normally used.
(f) Keep five same photographs (as pasted in the Application Form) in reserve for use at the time of counseling/ admission.
(xii) Correspondence Address:- (Item No.9 of Application Form)
The Candidate should write his/her complete postal address in the Application Form for further correspondence. PIN code should invariably be given in the space provided for this purpose. This Council shall not be responsible for any delay/loss in postal transit or for an incorrect address given by the Applicant on the Application Form. Leave one box blank between two parts of name/address.
(xiii) Sex :-( Item No.10 of Application Form)
If male, write code ‘0’ in the box. If female, write code ‘2’ in the box. Also, darken the
corresponding circle in the Form.
(xiv) Category: – (Item No.11 of Application Form)
If you belong to Scheduled Caste Category, write code ‘0’ in the box.
If you belong to Scheduled Tribe Category, write code ‘2’ in the box.
In case General Category write ‘4’ in the box.
In case of OBC category write ‘6’ in the box
Also, darken the corresponding circle in the Form.
(xv) Nationality: – (Item No.12 of Application form)
If you are an Indian national, write code “0”. If your nationality is other than Indian write code “2”in the box. Also, darken the corresponding circle in the Form.
(xvi) Details of qualifying examination passed or appearing for: (Item no. 13 of Application Form) Write the details of qualifying examination on the basis of which the candidate is appearing at All India Pre-Veterinary Test. This column should be filled up in running hand writing.
(xvii) Telephone No. (Item No.14 of Application Form)
The candidate should write the STD Code No. in first five blocks and then write telephone/mobile
number in the next 10 blocks. For STD code 011 writes as under:
For phone number 33554466 write as under:
(xviii) Signature of Candidate:- (Item No. 15 of Application Form )
Put full signature in the space provided for this purpose. The signature should be in
running handwriting, clear and strictly within the box provided. Writing full name in the
Box in capital letters shall not be treated as signature and Application Form shall be
rejected. Unsigned Application shall be rejected


A candidate can apply for All India Pre Veterinary Test in the following two ways:


(A) Online submission of Application may be made by accessing Council website The candidate should mention all details while filling up the form. Candidates are AIPVT important INSTRUCTIONS.required to take a printout of the Application submitted ‘Online’ after successful submission of data. The printout of the said Application, complete in all respect as applicable for Offline submission should be sent to the Controller of Examination,
Veterinary Council of India, ‘A’ Wing, 2nd Floor, August Kranti Bhawan, Bhikaji Cama
Place, New Delhi – 110066 by Registered/Speed Post only. Candidates should pay
examination fee (Rs.800/- for General/OBC Category and Rs.400/- for SC/ST Category)
through a Demand Draft in favour of the “Veterinary Council of India – Examination
Fund, New Delhi” drawn on any scheduled Bank payable at New Delhi. Candidate
should write his/her name, address and Application No. on the back of Demand Draft.
Candidate must ensure that the Application Form with original Demand Draft of the fee should reach to the Council office on or before the last date i.e. 22nd February, 2011. (only Expected.) Submission of only ‘Online’ Application within due date shall not be sufficient for registering candidature. Only the Applications complete in all respect accompanied by required examination fee in the form of Demand Draft and received on or before the closing date shall be considered for issuing Admit Card. Online Applications shall not be considered for issuing Admit Card until the Applications are also received by post complete in all respect along with required examination fee through Demand Draft before the closing date as for Offline Application. Detailed instructions for online submission of Application will be available on the website (not available yet).


Offline submission of Application should be made on the prescribed Application Form through Registered/Speed Post as mentioned below:
(i) A candidate seeking admission to the All India Pre Veterinary Test is required to send his/her Application in prescribed Form available with Information Bulletin.
(ii) Application Form should be filled in English only.
(iii) The candidate, before filling in the Form, shall satisfy his/her eligibility to appear at the examination. The candidate is required to go through the Information Bulletin carefully andacquaint himself/ herself with all the requirements with regard to filling of the Application Form.
(iv) The candidate shall fill-up the Application Form in his/her own handwriting in BLOCK
LETTERS written neatly and legibly with dark blue/black pen or ball pen within the prescribed boxes/ spaces.
(iv) Overwriting/ cutting/ erasing in the Application Form may lead to rejection of Form and should be avoided. Any error arising on this account shall be the responsibility of the
(v) Do not punch holes or staple the Form. Fold the Form as per the direction given in the Form.
(vi) No enclosures are required to be submitted with the Application Form except Affidavit in case of candidates from Jammu & Kashmir.
(viii) Do not make any stray marks on the Application Form as this shall lead to rejection of the Form.

Contact NO. AIPVT 2014 officials.

Regarding any query about aipvt 2014 you can contact here to the Aipvt officials.

WEBSITE:- The information on All India Pre-Veterinary Test and the results of the successful
candidates shall be available at the website of the Council :-

PLEASE CONTACT : Controller of Examination, Telephone No.011-

Veterinary Council of India 26184149
‘A’ Wing, 2nd Floor, August (from 10.00 A.M. to 12.00
Kranti Bhawan, Bhikaji Cama Place, Noon & 2.00 P.M.
New Delhi – 110066 to 4.00 P.M. on working days)

you can contact these official for any query regarding aipvt.

If any body contacted them before and got some information please post here.



All the candidates who are eligible as per the criteria of eligibility, shall be required to
appear at the All India Pre-Veterinary Test, which will be conducted by the Council on
Not yet declared.

makes_eat_timeusually veterinary council of india conduct aipvt exam in may its dates are near found near aipmt mains.



in 2009 aipvt was conducted on 11 may 2009, monday.

in 2010 aipvt exam date it was 14 may 2010, Friday.

in 2011 aipvt exam was held on 12 may 2011, thrusday.

in 2012 it was held on 12 may 2012 satureday.

in 2013 it was on 12th may


Usually and alway AIPVT exam is held at 2.0 to 5.0 pm.

exam will start at 2.0 pm evening and the students should represent at the exam center before one hour of starting of exam.

Exam will finish at 5.0 pm.